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Latest news from Paper Moon Nurseries

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Paper Moon Boultham Park, Lincoln – Eat Better, Start Better

Staff, Children and Parents have been celebrating this week as the nursery has been awarded the Early Years Code of Practice for Food and Drink on behalf of the Children’s Food Trust, Eat Better Do Better.  This means that the nursery have met the required standards in ensuring that the children are provided with a balanced and nutritious diet at nursery that meets the national voluntary food and drink guidelines.  Supporting healthy eating and healthy lifestyles both in and out of nursery.

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Paper Moon Forest Town – Tidy Together Litter Campaign, Supporting British Values

Children and staff from Paper Moon Day Nursery, Forest Town, Mansfield joined volunteers to give their local area a thorough clean-up, collecting more than 15 bags of rubbish.  The local campaign has helped the children to understand how important it is to look after their environment and that rules matter, ultimately building levels of respect for their community.

Paper Moon Day Nurseries – Supporting children in Malawi, Africa

Children from Paper Moon Day Nurseries have been making links with children from Chilemoni, Malawi, Africa who attend a local Childrens’ Centre developed by Krizevac a UK based charity.  The Children’s Centre is a first of its kind in Malawi; the first to be based on the UK Sure Start model, helping to transform the lives of hundreds of families and help children to have the best possible start in life.  Many of these children are orphans, or particularly vulnerable and receive their care completely free of charge. Others pay monthly fees because their parents work. Whether fee paying or free, all children are treated the same at the Children’s Centre Mother Teresa and all children have the opportunity to lead their own learning through play in a supportive, creative and caring environment.   Staff have spent time with the children sharing information about the lives of children in Malawi and two children in particular wanted to send out special gifts to the children.  One child asked to send out some clean water and his favorite monkey for them.  The little girl at one of our Mansfield nurseries told her mummy she had too many dolls and wanted the children in Africa to have two of hers.  Their gifts arrived in Malawi this month and the children all seemed really happy with them.    

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for nurseries

What is it?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation which becomes law on 25 May 2018. It covers the management and control of personal information. Regardless of Britain’s plans to leave the EU, this will still be a legal requirement for all organisations.

How does this differ from the current data protection laws?

GDPR will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. It increases the obligations that companies have regarding personal data and focuses on rights for individuals. There is an emphasis on a more robust protection for individuals and higher penalties on organisations who fail to comply.

What is personal data?

This is classed as any data which can be linked to a single person and can identify them. Examples include a name, email address, postal address, telephone numbers, bank accounts and photos. But just an email address is not personal data unless it can be directly linked to more data that is stored somewhere else.

Does this include children’s data?

Yes it does. But it also provides an opportunity for nurseries to engage with parents and build up trust and loyalty. Let them know what measures you are putting in place and that you are ahead of the game regarding their personal details.

How will Paper Moon Day Nurseries comply with this new legislation?

We have carried out a data audit and analysis of what data we hold, whose data it is, what is the purpose of storing the data, where it is stored and for how long, how it is shared with any legal requirements and most importantly how we make share all of these procedures with parents and staff. Details of this information can be seen in our Privacy Policy and our Record Retention Policy. Please ask for a copy at your nursery.

Paper Moon Day Nursery - Forest Town

The Preschool children recently went on an adventure to Sherwood Pines.  All children enjoyed having the freedom to explore and be curious in their natural environment, taking risks (climbing trees) and making dens out of natural resources. The children practiced their skills at being able to follow instructions.


They also extended their knowledge as they discussed habitats of animals and insects and most importantly had an enjoyable day out with their friends.

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Paper Moon Gamston – Parents Information Evening

Gamston Preschool staff offered their parents an opportunity to come into nursery to learn more about:

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1.In The Moment Planning

2.How Next Steps are generated by key workers

3.Preschools Focus week on key children

4.School transition

5.Continuous Provision and how it is used within preschool

6.Adult led activities and how they focus on specific outcomes

Lisa the Nursery Manager reported that the evening was a huge success and parents went away with a much clearer understanding of what staff do to focus their work and ensure their child is progressing whilst at nursery. award 2019 top20 nursery group award 2019 paper moon day nursery logo 2

Paper Moon Day Nurseries has been awarded a certificate of recognition as one of the top 20 recommended mid-size Nursery Groups in the UK by along with particular recognition for the companies Boultham Park nursery in Lincolnshire.  The Boultham Park nursery was recognised as one of the top 20 recommended nurseries in the East Midlands.  

Congratulations to Paper Moon Day Nurseries in Lincoln, Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire who have been awarded a certificate by as one of the top 20 mid-size day nursery groups in the UK.  The awards are based on over 78,483 reviews from parents and carers.  The nursery situated at Boultham Park in Lincoln who are also part of the Paper Moon Nursery Group were named in the top 20 nurseries for the East Midlands.  In order to win the award the nurseries are graded through the feedback and ratings from the parents and carers who use the nursery. Alison Hill, Area Manager quoted: “the fact the award is presented as a result of parental feedback means even more to the staff who work hard to ensure each child receives only the very best care and education during their time at nursery”.


If you would like to find out more about Paper Moon Day Nurseries you can visit or call our Head Office on 0115 9821122.

Paper Moon Day Nursery - Forest Town

We are excited to share the news that we have secured a working agreement with Amy, a qualified baby masseur from Mama Baby Bliss who has agreed to come and run 6 - week baby massage courses at nursery. We feel this a valuable opportunity for new parents to share with their new baby and we are really happy to be offering nursery as a venue for local families.


Baby Massage

Our Baby Massage courses aid relaxation and digestion, help relieve colic and help your baby to sleep. Over a  six-week course of classes you will learn to massage your baby from head to toe. The course includes detailed hand-outs to support the massage. We also set aside some special time for 'MamaChat' discussions and articles on a variety of parenting topics. Our focus is as much on yo as your baby.


If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact Amy:


Call: 07866454684


Paper Moon Nurseries – Investing in our staff team

On Saturday 7th December Paper Moon Day Nurseries staff members from their nurseries across Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire attended a company conference.  The owners and directors of the nurseries know how important it is to invest in their workforce in order to support staff professional development and ultimately impact on the quality of care and education the children receive at their nurseries.


Alison Hill, Area Manager stated: “The focus for the conference is to strengthen our vision and values of:   “Putting Children First”


It is really important that we develop our skilled workforce who have high aspirations for our children and challenge them in a way that allows them to progress.  


Anna Ephgrave lead the conference.  Anna is a very well respected and acclaimed teacher and published author within early years and has written books discussing the benefits of ‘In The Moment Planning’ This way of working fully supports the ethos of the work at Paper Moon Nurseries.


The learning outcomes for the conference were:


• Further promote child-led learning in your nursery.

• Gain an even greater understanding of brain development, levels of involvement and supporting the child’s wellbeing

• Gain further understanding of why child-initiated play is so powerful

• Reflect on the best environment to support deepest involvement

• Explore further the role of the adult within child-initiated play - to observe, assess, plan and teach in the moment

• Be introduced to different recording systems that support child-led learning, also known as 'planning in the moment'

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Paper Moon Compton Acres - World Book Day  

Young and old share love for reading on World Book Day


Proving that age is no object when it comes to a love for books, children from Paper Moon Day Nursery, Compton Acres, Nottingham joined the residents at Ruddington Manor in Wilford, near Nottingham, for an inter-generational afternoon of fun and storytelling.


The event coincided with World Book Day, which takes place annually on 5 March, and saw a group of six pre-school children aged three and four from the day nursery visit the care centre to share stories with the residents and enjoy an Alice in Wonderland-style afternoon tea party with mini sandwiches and cakes.


The afternoon was great fun for all; with residents from Ruddington Manor enthralling the children with readings from their favourite books and the children surprising and delighting the residents by dressing up as characters from their favourite stories and performing songs and dance routines.

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Wellbeing coordinator at Ruddington Manor, Amy Simpson, commented:

“You are never too old or too young to appreciate a well told story, and our residents continue to be avid readers, sharing and swapping books with each other on a regular basis.  This special activity for World Book Day gave them the opportunity to delve back into some classic children’s favourites and take delight in reading to the youngsters who really loved their storytelling session.”


Nursery manager Kerry Sheppard commented:

“We join the residents at Ruddington Manor on a regular basis and to be able to celebrate World Book Day was a great opportunity that we just couldn’t miss. Our pre-schoolers love books, listening to and telling stories is a daily occurrence at nursery. The children carefully chose their favourite books with staff to share with the residents who really enjoyed immersing themselves along with the children into the imaginative world created by the books. Seeing the children and residents together sharing their love of books was just magical. Sharing and reading of stories is such a beneficial inter-generational activity, imagination and a creative mind is all that’s needed. We know that visiting the residents in our community is having a positive impact on our children and gives us the opportunity to discuss respect and understanding for older people in our society”

Paper Moon Nurseries to re-open from 1st June 2020

Following government advise we are very pleased to announce will be re-opening all our nurseries on 1st June 2020 for all children.  If you would like to know more about all the additional safety measure we are putting into place then please email and we will be happy to try to answer any questions you may have.


We look forward to welcoming you back.

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Parents so pleased as nurseries re-open

“Thank you so much for all the support and information in the last couple of ‘not’ easy weeks for all of us. Back in to nursery for Lily and Maya was just what they needed as they have been missing all the ladies and friends. After first two weeks you can see how different they are and happier to be around their lovely friends. The best teachers ever “. Thank you


“You are all amazing! Thank you for the hard work you have all put into the transition back to Nursery!  It is more than a Job to all of you and this shows! Your love and commitment to our children shows immensely!  How lucky are we to have our children in a nursery where team work is apparent, they look after our children as their own and they have a fabulous Manager who works hard to ensure safety!”


“Finley has really enjoyed being back as he missed his friends and the ladies. I was worried with him being off so long that we would have problems sending him back, but the ladies have all been amazing and we had no issues at all. He was actually pacing the hallway in his first morning telling daddy to hurry up!

You have all done a fab job of keeping our children safe, entertained and educated and it really is the best place for Finley to be, not stuck at home.

Thanks everyone, you’re doing an amazing job” x