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Latest news from Paper Moon Nurseries

Children playing in the nursery

Paper Moon Boultham Park, Lincoln – Eat Better, Start Better

Staff, Children and Parents have been celebrating this week as the nursery has been awarded the Early Years Code of Practice for Food and Drink on behalf of the Children’s Food Trust, Eat Better Do Better.  This means that the nursery have met the required standards in ensuring that the children are provided with a balanced and nutritious diet at nursery that meets the national voluntary food and drink guidelines.  Supporting healthy eating and healthy lifestyles both in and out of nursery.

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Paper Moon Forest Town – Tidy Together Litter Campaign, Supporting British Values

Children and staff from Paper Moon Day Nursery, Forest Town, Mansfield joined volunteers to give their local area a thorough clean-up, collecting more than 15 bags of rubbish.  The local campaign has helped the children to understand how important it is to look after their environment and that rules matter, ultimately building levels of respect for their community.

Paper Moon Day Nurseries – Supporting children in Malawi, Africa

Children from Paper Moon Day Nurseries have been making links with children from Chilemoni, Malawi, Africa who attend a local Childrens’ Centre developed by Krizevac a UK based charity.  The Children’s Centre is a first of its kind in Malawi; the first to be based on the UK Sure Start model, helping to transform the lives of hundreds of families and help children to have the best possible start in life.  Many of these children are orphans, or particularly vulnerable and receive their care completely free of charge. Others pay monthly fees because their parents work. Whether fee paying or free, all children are treated the same at the Children’s Centre Mother Teresa and all children have the opportunity to lead their own learning through play in a supportive, creative and caring environment.   Staff have spent time with the children sharing information about the lives of children in Malawi and two children in particular wanted to send out special gifts to the children.  One child asked to send out some clean water and his favorite monkey for them.  The little girl at one of our Mansfield nurseries told her mummy she had too many dolls and wanted the children in Africa to have two of hers.  Their gifts arrived in Malawi this month and the children all seemed really happy with them.    

Paper Moon Nurseries – NEW on line learning journal for our children  

At Paper Moon we are really excited to be introducing on line learning journals for our children. Following a high degree of research the system we have chosen is ‘Tapestry’. This is a secure online Learning Journal that allows us to record photos, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, to build up a record of a child’s experiences during their time with us. This system allows us to work with parents and carers to share information via a secure log in system and record the children’s play and learning inside and outside for parents to see at home or work. Speak to your Nursery Manager for more information or log onto


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for nurseries

What is it?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation which becomes law on 25 May 2018. It covers the management and control of personal information. Regardless of Britain’s plans to leave the EU, this will still be a legal requirement for all organisations.

How does this differ from the current data protection laws?

GDPR will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. It increases the obligations that companies have regarding personal data and focuses on rights for individuals. There is an emphasis on a more robust protection for individuals and higher penalties on organisations who fail to comply.

What is personal data?

This is classed as any data which can be linked to a single person and can identify them. Examples include a name, email address, postal address, telephone numbers, bank accounts and photos. But just an email address is not personal data unless it can be directly linked to more data that is stored somewhere else.

Does this include children’s data?

Yes it does. But it also provides an opportunity for nurseries to engage with parents and build up trust and loyalty. Let them know what measures you are putting in place and that you are ahead of the game regarding their personal details.

How will Paper Moon Day Nurseries comply with this new legislation?

We have carried out a data audit and analysis of what data we hold, whose data it is, what is the purpose of storing the data, where it is stored and for how long, how it is shared with any legal requirements and most importantly how we make share all of these procedures with parents and staff. Details of this information can be seen in our Privacy Policy and our Record Retention Policy. Please ask for a copy at your nursery.

Paper Moon Sutton in Ashfield - 'OUTSTANDING'

On the 17th May 2018 Ofsted inspected our nursery at Sutton in Ashfield in Mansfield and we are very proud and excited to announce the outcome was a grade of ‘outstanding’.


Some comments made in the report:


  • Staff strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for children.

  • Staff have exceptional knowledge of the children they work with

  • Any gaps in children’s development are quickly identified and plans are put in place to ensure children continue to make rapid progress

  • Children of all ages are keen and enthusiastic learners

  • Staff recruitment is extremely robust.  Staff have regular supervisions and reviews of their practice. On-going training for staff has a very high priority

  • Staff are enthusiastic and highly motivated.  Their understanding of how children learn is excellent

  • Staff encourage all children to explore, and to be curious and inquisitive in their play

  • Children make rapid progress while at the nursery


Well done to the Nursery Manager and staff team  


The full report can be seen by clicking here.  


Paper Moon - Doddington  

There is a very special hand carved bear family created by local chainsaw sculptor Mick Burns situated at the main entrance of Birchwood Nature Park in Lincoln. The largest of the bears is daddy bear called Winston


The children at Paper Moon Nursery in Doddington Park love to visit the Nature Park and Winston with his family on a regular basis. However, Winston having stood for over 10 years has lost his left arm and nose and has had to leave to undergo some repairs.


After hearing the would be leaving the children asked if they could go and say goodbye and take him some treats, including a honey sandwich to give him a full tummy for his journey, and a special leavers gift.


Nursery Manager Anna Morris said: "The children have told the mummy and child bear that they will be back to visit them soon and they have told Winston that they will take care of his family for him".

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