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SEND Local Offer

Local Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs and/ or Disabilities (SEND)

Working together to identify your child’s needs.

We have robust policies and procedures in place which are reviewed regularly ensuring that our resources and environments are suitable and accessible for all.

When your child starts with us they will have a named key person, a member of staff that specifically focuses on your child and their needs.  This member of staff will talk to you and gather valuable information from you including your observations of your child’s development, likes, dislikes and particular needs.   This might also include gathering information from others who already work with you to support your child e.g. Health Visitor. Your child’s key person will then build on this information with you by completing and discussing observations of your child during play that are then used to help plan appropriate activities at nursery and at home for you that link to their individual needs and interests whilst supporting their progress.

How we will support children with identified needs.

We have a nursery SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) who has been trained by us at Paper Moon and through the local authority.  The nursery SENCO will support the key person, child and family to ensure that the child’s individual needs are met and any additional support is sought where necessary.


Staff working with your child will ensure that the environment, resources and activities are adapted to ensure your child has the opportunity to benefit from every possible experience.  We are committed to ensure that our staff are appropriately trained to support children’s needs and this includes in many of our nurseries:

  • Signs and symbols training

  • Makaton training

  • Language Lead

  • Lifting and handling training

  • Epi pen training


Ongoing training and development plans for staff ensure that new areas of need are identified and training is accessed so staff are appropriately trained to work with children who have particular needs.

The nursery SENCO and your child’s key person will liaise with other professionals (with your consent) such as Local Authority Area SENCO, Speech and Language Therapists and Health Visitors to gain further advice in supporting your child.  The SENCO and the key person will work collaboratively with you to agree plans and ensure targets and strategies are implemented.


The plans, activities and your child’s progress will be recorded and reviewed by the key person and SENCO which is discussed with you regularly to update plans and provide ongoing support.   Your child will also have an individual learning journal and diary with details of your child’s day including personal care and dietary information.

How accessible are the environments?

If the family has English as an additional language they will be encouraged to share key words in their home language for the key person to understand with the child.


All of our nurseries are unique in appearance but have access for all and disabled toilet facilities.

Helping with transitions

As your child moves from one room to another or one setting to another, we will support your child to prepare for these experiences.  Transitions are a key time for any child. The key person ensures, along with you that these transitions are well planned and supported.


When a child is ready to transition to School the new teachers will be invited into School to meet the key person and all relevant transition supporting documents are completed and relayed to the School to ensure a smooth transition takes place for all children.

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